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05Sep2007 - Sturdy 'Chicago' tour is well-dance and mostly well-cast

??Sep2007 - All That Jazz—the hit musical CHICAGO razzle dazzles San Diego audiences

20Aug2007 - radio interview with George Hamilton

xxAug2007 - video interview1; video interview2; video interview3 with George Hamilton

29Aug2007 - Hamilton hopes to razzle-dazzle 'Chicago' fans on national tour

20Jul2007 - When it comes to song and dance 'Chicago' provides plenty of razzle-dazzle

19Jul2007 - 'Chicago' slays with sultry, sexy fun

12Jul2007 - Melba's career is not toast

10Jul2007 - Terra Macleod radio interview with WCCO 830AM

10Jul2007 - Gregory Harrison radio interview with WCCO 830AM

15Jul2007 - Stage Preview: Gregory Harrison can't resist 'Chicago's' Flynn

29Jun2007 - A different 'Chicago' from what you saw on film

24Jun2007 - Good ol' Tom Wopat gets sleazy for 'Chicago'

27Jun2007 - 'Chicago' still has the razzle dazzle

28Jun2007 - Duo dazzles and all that jazz

24Jun2007 - 'Chicago' spicy, but still fresh

21Jun2007 - National tour of musical 'Chicago' to arrive in Orange County

19Jun2007 - CHICAGO at Moody Gardens (link to Tom Wopat interview inside the article)

22Jun2007 - 'Chicago' opens island run today

20Jun2007 - One night left: Tulsa's run of an exuberant 'Chicago' ends tonight

17Jun2007 - Duke of 'Razzle Dazzle'

13Jun2007 - My Kind of Musical

- Mix96 FM interview with Tom Wopat (scroll down)

07Jun2007 - Rinna vamps is up in 'Chicago'

03Jun2007 - Rinna a Roxie with moxie radio interview with Lisa Rinna

31May2007 - Coming back home with 'Chicago' [Pilar Millhollen]

30May2007 - Review: Rinna wrecks 'Chicago'

01Jun2007 - Chicago review and interview with Lisa Rinna

photos of Lisa Rinna at

31May2007 - Dancing with the Hillbillies [photo of Lisa Rinna]

19May2007 - Funny Honey : Chicago star Rinna is a winna

29May2007 - 'Chicago' star: Dream it, dance it

25May2007 - Moxie to be Roxie

21May2007 - Velma will always be my favourite

15May2007 - 'Roxie' rocks

09May2007 - Home, via 'Chicago'

01May2007 - Style and sizzle in Chicago

26Apr2007 - CRIMINALS, CORRUPTION, STARDOM (scroll down)

27Apr2007 - Ex-Vancouverite lands in steamy Chicago

26Apr2007 - Get ready for some razzle-dazzle

20Apr2007 - Chicago: The Musical | The Fabulous Fox Theatre

05Apr2007 - Actor. Singer. Writer. And all that jazz: Tom Wopat aims to (razzle) dazzle you in 'Chicago'

04Apr2007 - A Duke is coming to Davenport

26Mar2007 - Actor Wopat enjoys role as slick lawyer in the musical

24Mar2007 - Murder, all that jazz, a hit in 'Chicago'

16Mar2007 - Razzle dazzle

11Mar2007 - Wopat took long road: 'Hazzard' to 'Chicago'

11Mar2007 - Duke of 'Chicago' Tom Wopat, of 'Dukes of Hazzard' and Barn Theatre fame, stars in touring musical

09Mar2007 - Dancing to the tune of celebrity

08Mar2007 - 'Chicago' remains relevant 30 years on, Wopat says

01Mar2007 - 'Chicago' stays fresh: Co-star says today's headlines keep the musical current

23Feb2007 - 'Chicago' gets its high kicks with sassy story

17Feb2007 - We had it comin': Chicago arrives in Japan

19Jan2007 - It's sexy, it's powerful, it's 'Chicago'

04Jan2007 - 'Chicago' remains a great con job

Dec2006 - Chicago Opens Tuesday in Center City

26Dec2006 - radio interview with Melba Moore

27Oct2006 - Disappointing trip to 'Chicago'

28Dec2006 - Merriam's finely calibrated 'Chicago'

20Dec2006 - Foxy Roxie: Chicago's Bianca Marroquin

14Dec2006 - Ready to razzle, dazzle

21Dec2006 - reclaiming her life

08Dec2006 - Actress' family can watch her in 'Chicago'

10Nov2006 - Ex-Backstreeter set to dazzle T.O.

13Nov2006 - A Backstreet Boy in Chicago

18Nov2006 - Chicago's backstreet

08Nov2006 - Actress enjoys challenge of playing murderous vixen in 'Chicago'

19Oct2006 - Lewis puts heart and soul into 'Chicago' role

Oct2006 - Huey Lewis Returns

19Oct2006 - Marin's Huey Lewis pours heart and soul into 'Chicago'

18Oct2006 - Going to 'Chicago' not worth the trip

11Oct2006 - John O'Hurley Subs for Huey Lewis Oct. 28

13Oct2006 - 'Chicago' actor in like Flynn with career, life

nnOct2006 - Chicago (interview with Michelle DeJean)

05Oct2006 - Mama's meal ticket

01Oct2006 - 'Chicago' blows into Fresno with Gregory Harrison

28Sep2006 - Trapper Goes To Chicago

25Sep2006 - Actor Gregory Harrison comes to Boise with 'Chicago'

21Sep2006 - 'Chicago' an entertaining, inspired Roaring '20s romp

15Sep2006 - 'Chicago' style

15Sep2006 - 'Chicago' leaves audience singing, tapping

13Sep2006 - Singing star of Broadway, TV brings brash 'Chicago' to Reno

10Sep2006 - 'Chicago,' at the Bob Hope, shows its relevance

07Sep2006 - Veteran actor Gregory Harrison always ready to visit 'Chicago'

21Jul2006 - Chicago is a Little Bit of Good

Jul2006 - Winnipeg Free press review (paid subscription required)

18Jul2006 - Chicago is triple-threat star MacLeod's kinda town

13Jul2006 - Stage to screen to stage (quotes from Kevin)

11Jul2006 - interview Winnipeg Free Press (paid subscription required)

10Jul2006 - Gregory Harrison reprises 'Chicago' role at Wolf Trap

28Jun2006 - Lead actors bring life to old style 'Chicago'

29Jun2006 - 'Chicago' Hoofer Looks Forward to Fatherhood

26Jun2006 - In Like Flynn

21Jun2006 - 'Chicago' at the Fox

June2006 - John O’Hurley On The Big Stage

? - A Note from John O'Hurley

21Jun2006 - 'Chicago' at the Fox

16Jun2006 - Chicago razzle dazzles

10May2006 - Interview with John O'Hurley

11Jun2006 - For the defense: John O'Hurley

04Jun2006 - Greg Evigan jazzes up Shubert's 'Chicago'

01Jun2006 - Travelling cast, musicians turn chilly Chicago into city that sizzles (paid registration required)

01Jun2006 - Cold wind blows through Chicago

30May2006 - She'll knock 'em dead

19May2006 - Chicago Razzle Dazzles 'Em at the Paramount

10May2006 - The big interview (with Michelle DeJean)

12May2006 - 'Chicago' takes a long detour to the Persian Gulf before opening in Seattle

10May2006 - Chicago in Dubai is Really the Best

07May2006 - Chicago

06May2006 - Audience Wowed as Chicago Takes To The Dubai Stage

05May2006 - Terra Shares Her Journey to Chicago

06May2006 - Sassy & sensational

21Apr2006 - You've got it coming, if you missed it

30Nov2005 - Chicago Sizzles on Stage At The Cadillac Palace

??Jan2006 - Chicago Revival in the Style of Bob Fosse Can Still Shock and Scintillate

20May2005 - Wang hosts dazzling 'Chicago'

Jan2006 - WFIU interview with Michelle DeJean

21Jan2006 - A killer musical

08Oct2005 - 'Chicago' reviewed

24Nov2005 - All that jazz

12Apr2006 - 'Chicago Live!' a guilty pleasure

22Dec2005 - Roxy's back . . . and all that jazz

19Apr2006 - 'Chicago' still a sexy sizzler

13Apr2006 - 'Chicago' a full-tilt feast that's pure Fosse

07Apr2006 - Roxie remembers

06Apr2006 - This version of 'Chicago' is delightfully fun

01Apr2006 - The Name on Everybody's Lips is Gonna Be Roxie

30Mar2006 - Newark's in 'Chicago' loop

30Mar2006 - Chicago

16Mar2006 - Choreographed dance routines make murder more fun!

09Mar2006 - Sly and mischievous 'Chicago' triumphs at the Community Center Theater

05Mar2006 - Why 'Chicago' has legs (free registration required)

23Feb2006 - Razzle-dazzle at the Fisher

23Feb2006 - Low-key 'Chicago' just toddles along

16Feb2006 - 'Chicago' has high notes, but not all its jazz

12Feb2006 - MUSICAL IS MURDER: Robin Givens brings the hit show 'Chicago' to Detroit

11Feb2006 - Givens a natural for Roxie Hart

10Feb2006 - Robin Givens is 'Chicago's' first black Roxie Hart

04Feb2006 - 'Chicago' dance numbers sizzle; Obba Babtunde is new Billy Flynn on tour

30Jan2006 - Broadway show debuts at IU Auditorium

27Jan2006 - 'Chicago' seduces Raleigh audiences with its razzle dazzle

26Jan2006 - Razzle Dazzle (paid subscription required)

20Jan2006 - 'Chicago' is alluring to younger crowd

20Jan2006 - Give 'em some razzle-dazzle [free registration required]

15Jan2006 - For Wopat, the ol' razzle dazzle [free registration required]

12Jan2006 - 'Chicago' actor enjoys role of Mama

10Jan2006 - Actor brings the old razzle dazzle to 'Chicago'

10Jan2006 - 'Chicago' visits Melbourne

07Jan2006 - 'Chicago' scores big again

04Jan2006 - 'Chicago' succeeds with dazzle

01Jan2006 - 'Mama' Morton: Buckle up, 'Chicago' on stage a wild ride

01Jan2006 - 'Chicago' comes to Huntsville

28Dec2005 - A Razzle-Dazzle Good Time

25Dec2005 - THEATER: Chicago

21Dec2005 - Naughty But Nice

??Dec2005 - 'Chicago' star visits CN9 (video)

07Dec2005 - 'Chicago' delivers big-time razzle- dazzle

10Dec2005 - PHOTO CALL: Sen. Clinton Joins Chicago Tour Star Harrison ...

03Dec2005 - Davis turns a new Paige

01Dec2005 - Revamped Proctor's ready to be jazzed up by first Broadway tour

01Dec2005 - 'Chicago' bringing all that jazz to Proctors

28Nov2005 - Cast choices limit 'Joseph' and 'Chicago'

24Nov2005 - 'Chicago' deserves a hand for trying

22Nov2005 - Face time with Paige Davis

??Nov2005 - Sin and Cynicism

18Nov2005 - Chicago' and all that jazz strikes Omaha

17Nov2005 - Broadway veterans take lead in 'Chicago'

??Nov2005 - Paige Davis

17Nov2005 - Razzmatazz on Murderers’ Row

03Nov2005 - Jazzed about Chicago

04Nov2005 - A good ol' boy gone bad

03Nov2005 - Braxton to Return to Broadway's Chicago in December

31Oct2005 - Chicago is a long way from Hazzard county

31Oct2005 - Song & dance man

29Oct2005 - Wopat shines in sassy 'Chicago'

24Oct2005 - 'Chicago' a dream job, actress says

24Oct2005 - Before 'Dukes' fame, Wopat was a song-and-dance man

12Oct2005 - A timeless tale of celebrity worship

01Oct2005 - 'Chicago' production worthy of Broadway

23Sep2005 - The windy city and Tom Wopat

07Oct2005 - Crime. Time. And all that razzmatazz.

??Oct2005 - 'Chicago' dazzles Sangamon

??Oct2005 - Hometown girl returns to perform in TUTS' 'Chicago'

??Oct2005 - Michelle DeJean (another b/w photo of Michelle DeJean as Roxie)

110ct2005 - Houston poster

06Oct2005 - Foxy Roxie: Michelle DeJean brings Broadway's Chicago home to Houston

05Oct2005 - Show biz goes behind bars in Chicago (b/w photo of Michelle Dejean as Roxie)

02Oct2005 - 'Chicago' Is Tom Wopat's Kind of Show; Tv Star Happy to Step Into Role at Popejoy ($ registration required)

22Sep2005 - Things go singingly for Wopat

22Sep2005 - 'Chicago,' and all that jazz: Fresh from Broadway, Tom Wopat brings Billy Flynn to Springfield stage

25Sep2005 - Duke of 'Hazzard' is Flynn of 'Chicago'

19Sep2005 - Tom Wopat balances tough guy image with twinkling toes in musicals

15Sep2005 - Tom Wopat interview with video

13Sep2005 - Unsettled labor dispute shuts down 'Chicago'

10Sep2005 - City stagehand strike could affect 'Chicago'

11Aug2005 - photos from Tokyo

05Aug2005 - Dream role

11Jul2005 - All that jazz: Traveling production of `Chicago' holds its own

01Jul2005 - Sex, murder and all that jazz - Chicago live!

22May2005 - Dancer Assumes Killer Role in 'Chicago'

22May2005 - Razzle-dazzle of 'Chicago' continues to roll on

22May2005 - Destination: 'Chicago'

19May2005 - From Mexico, 'Chicago' is just a dance step away

17May2005 - 'Chicago' star discusses her role in the musical

19May2005 - Bouyant 'Chicago' razzle-dazzles anew

19May2005 - First-rate 'Chicago' has all that jazz

11May2005 - 'Chicago' has been good to Terra MacLeod

11May2005 - Dazzling 'Chicago' on stage is as real as it gets

06May2005 - Hog city

05May2005 - Cast delivers sizzling performance in 'Chicago'

01May2005 - In like Flynn

27Apr2005 - Touring 'Chicago' a good introduction

23Apr2005 - 'Chicago' is rousing, voluptuous entertainment

22Apr2005 - 'Chicago' to bring sex, greed and murder to Lied

24Apr2005 - For Terra MacLeod, all roads lead to 'Chicago'

15Apr2005 - Chicago as hot and sexy as ever at Kravis

14Apr2005 - Riveting on-stage 'Chicago' easily outshines movie

07Apr2005 - Touring 'Chicago' more razz than dazzle

01Apr2005 - Turn the Paige

03Apr2005 - Paige Davis, no longer with TV's 'Trading Spaces,' comes to Rochester in 'Chicago'

01Apr2005 - Star turn

31Mar2005 - From Montreal to Paris to Providence via Chicago (free registration required)

30Mar2005 - 'Chicago' at the Palace plays it sexy and wins

24Mar2005 - 'Chicago' glitters with familiar razzle-dazzle

18Mar2005 - Star plays 'Hart' of 'Chicago'

11Mar2005 - Musical tale of murder, mayhem is still magical

10Mar2005 - Bianca Marroquin

04Mar2005 - 'Chicago' comes to Myrtle Beach

04Mar2005 - Chicago

03Mar2005 - Razzle-dazzle 'em (free registration required)

17Feb2005 - Chicago beauties bring deadly act to Akron

24Feb2005 - 'Chicago' dazzles on stage (free registration required)

17Feb2005 - Dreams come true for 'Chicago' cast members (free registration required)

Feb2005 - Chicago the musical

08Feb2005 - Brenda Braxton to Return to Broadway's Chicago Feb. 21

31Jan2005 - Onstage: Sexy, satirical 'Chicago' brings Broadway to Tucson

03Feb2005 - 'Chicago' still makes for a timely treat

04Feb2005 - Chicago

04Feb2005 - Still packing heat (paid registration required)

02Feb2005 - Brady Departs L.A. Chicago Due to Vocal Strain; Harrison Replaces

02Feb2005 - Harrison Replaces Brady as Billy Flynn in L.A. Engagement of Chicago

27Jan2005 - Multitalented Brady slips easily into role (has press photo)

27Jan2005 - 'Chicago' a smash . . . and all that jazz

20Jan2005 - Star talks about road show & all that jazz

20Jan2005 - Killer Performer

20Jan2005 - De México para Broadway (Spanish version of article below)

20Jan2005 - 'Chicago' is Mexican actress's latest coup

13Jan2005 - Seductive 'Chicago' shimmies into S.J.

07Jan2005 - Nothing rocky about the road for 'Chicago's' Roxie

07Jan2005 - 'Chicago' in San Jose (scroll down)

09Jan2005 - A treat for S.J. audiences: Trapper John M.D. to take stage

05Jan2005 - Roxie Music And Dance

02Dec2004 - 'Chicago''s a killer of a musical

09Sep2004 - Night & Day: In Review (scroll down)

19Nov2004 - Chris's Corner (scroll down)

10Dec2004 - 'Chicago' embodies magic of live theater

09Dec2004 - 'Chicago's' razzle still dazzles

12Nov2004 - radio interview with Brenda and Bianca

26Nov2004 - Chicago Welcomes Bokhour Back to Broadway in January

15Oct2004 - Chicago razzle-dazzles closing night audience at Fox Theatre

??Sep2004 - WENS 97.1 review

23Nov2004 - Jazzed up

20Nov2004 - Harrison on the case as 'Chicago' lawyer

25Nov2004 - 'Chicago' jailbirds deliver sass and spunk

21Nov2004 - 'Chicago' will jazz up Civic Center

18Nov2004 - 'Chicago' prepares to razzle dazzle audiences

??Nov2004 - Seamless 'Chicago'

??Nov2004 - The Play's The Thing

10Nov2004 - Chicago is sleek, sexy and driven by dance

03Nov2004 - 'Chicago': Half-naked, completely sassy

04Nov2004 - 'Chicago' dishes up in-your-face, exciting jazz

04Nov2004 - Musical has a razzle-dazzle quality

02Nov2004 - Wopat's easygoing charm wins over colleagues, fans

02Nov2004 - 'Chicago' swings into town

- PR photos

21Oct2004 - Actor David Bushman connects Appleton to 'Chicago

24Oct2004 - Roxie, Wopat and the Windy City: A guide to 'Chicago' at the PAC

12Oct2004 - Bianca Marroquin stars as Roxie in 'Chicago' (free registration required)

10Oct2004 - 'Chicago' comes to Greenville

07Sep2004 - Broadway in Cincinnati presents Chicago

08Oct2004 - Angel Reda

06Oct2004 - At the Fox, 'Chicago'

22Sep2004 - 'Chicago' kicks back into town, dazzling crowd

22Sep2004 - Chicago keeps pulses throbbing

22Sep2004 - Classy, brassy 'Chicago' still can razzle dazzle

24Sep2004 - Becoming Billy Flynn

19Sep2004 - Angel Reda loving life on the 'Chicago' road

15Sep2004 - Chicago really is 'all that jazz'

15Sep2004 - 'Chicago' first must-see of season

12Sep2004 - Actor loves depth of 'Chicago' role

05Sep2004 - From Gonzo to 'Chicago' (paid subscription required)

02Sep2004 - Broadway's "Chicago" is better than ever

01Sep2004 - 'Chicago' dances, sings its way into audience's heart

28Aug2004 - 'Chicago' speaks to world through Roxie

19Aug2004 - This 'Chicago' is all that jazz and more (free registration required)

13Aug2004 - Actress dazzles in national tour of 'Chicago'

12Aug2004 - Chicago full of brass and sass

12Aug2004 - Jazz Age meets 21st century

09Aug2004 - Chicago opens borders

06Aug2004 - As fun as it gets

03Aug2004 - Ann Reinking helps Chicago shine

02Aug2004 - Chicago

30Jul2004 - 'Chicago' a timeless tale

29Jul2004 - Sweet home 'Chicago'

21Jun2004 - Chicago Tour Resumes in August with Braxton, Harrison and Woods

03May2004 - R. Bean Returns to Broadway's Chicago May 17

01May2004 - 'Chicago' wows crowd from Act 1

28Apr2004 - 'Chicago' jazzes up Knoxville

27Feb2004 - Latina Stars in 'Chicago' (free registration required)

27Apr2004 - 'Chicago' role leads to Broadway success for actress
(paid subscription required for full article)

Mar/Apr2004-That's Chicago

25Apr2004 - 'Hazzard'-ous habits (free registration required)

23Apr2004 - Wopat dazzles in 'Chicago'

18Apr2004 - 'Chicago' a bit stripped down, save for its dazzle
(current photo of the Merry Murderesses)

20Apr2004 - 'Chicago' explodes onto Detroit scene at Fisher Theatre

15Apr2004 - Chicago at the Gleason Theater — Great, Isn’t It?

08Apr2004 - Chicago at the Gleason a Smash Hit for Too Short a Run (scroll down)

17Apr2004 - 'Chicago' verdict beyond a doubt: It sizzles!

14Apr2004 - Wopat to Join Broadway's Chicago in May

10Apr2004 - Actor Wopat goes from Hazzard County to 'Chicago'

09Apr2004 - Flinty, sardonic '20s musical roars into the Fisher Theatre (with photo of Reva Rice)

01Apr2004 - Wopat, Woods 'Razzle Dazzle' 'em

01Apr2004 - Live Chicago upstages the movie version

01Apr2004 - This sexy, sizzling Chicago moves in a memorable way

06Mar2004 - Musical 'Chicago' rolls into Portland

Feb2004 - Touring 'Chicago' will satisfy movie fans, but not discriminating palates

06Feb2004 - 'Chicago' cast holds stage at party (scroll down)

27Nov2003 - Chicago Razzle Dazzles the Merriam

11Nov2003 - 'Chicago' sexy and sultry on stage

11Nov2003 - Razor Sharp Dancing And All That Jazz (rare photo of R. Bean in costume)

12Mar2004 - first impressions

07Mar2004 - Go, go 'Chicago': It took decades before audiences connected with 1920s story

05Mar2004 - The Duke of Windy City

05Mar2004 - A jazzier Tom Wopat

2001 - radio interview with Reva Rice when she was in FOSSE

??Feb2004 - 'Chicago' Still a Crowd Pleaser

12Jan2004 - Chicago [free registration required to read article]

22Jan2004 - 'Chicago' lights a fire

26Feb2004 - 'Chicago' isn't great but isn't a bust, either

25Feb2004 - Chicago

25Feb2004 - Touring 'Chicago' gives song and dance top billing [free registration required to read article]

19Feb2004 - Dukin' It Out

22Feb2004 - This 'Duke' jazzes it up

20Feb2004 - there is an article about Tom Wopat in the February 20th edition of the Dallas Morning News; unfortunately, it costs $2.95 to view the article in the archives

19Feb2004 - 'Chicago' has special dazzle for Fosse fans

15Feb2004 - Hazzard County boy rolls into 'Chicago'

12Feb2004 - 'Chicago: The Musical' has less dazzle, but still a great show

08Feb2004 - Chicago' still sizzles on Kingsbury Hall stage

07Feb2004 - 'Dukes of Hazard' Wopat leading man in Chicago

05Feb2004 - Hart stopping Touring company brings bang-up show 'Chicago' to Salt Lake City

01Feb2004 - 'Chicago' returning to Salt Lake City

01Feb2004 - CHICAGO: Murder, music and razzle dazzle at Kingsbury Hall

23Jan2004 - 'Chicago' steams into Seattle

29Jan2004 - Well-designed 'Chicago' pulses with sex, cynicism and talent galore

29Jan2004 - Brash musical 'Chicago' mixes murder, vaudeville

23Jan2004 - This 'Chicago' is live, the way it began in 1926

20Jan2004 - Extra! interview and video clip of Patrick with brief glimpses of some of the cast

14Jan2004 - Tom Wopat to Join Chicago Tour

13Jan2004 - Chicago

26Aug2003 - Una Roxie muy mexicana (in Spanish)

10Jan2004 - 'Chicago' stars get away with murder [registration required to read article]

07Jan2004 - Style and charm [registration required to read article]

04Jan2004 - Dancing in like Flynn [registration required to read article]

01Jan2004 - 'Chicago' with a N.Y. vibe [registration required to read article]

03Jan2004 - Suave Swayze, newcomer shine in brash 'Chicago'

Dec2003 - Ready to Dazzle

26Dec2003 - Swayze heats up San Diego tour of 'Chicago'

03Dec2003 - Patrick Swayze to Join Broadway's Chicago

20Nov2003 - Patrick Swayze to Join Chicago Tour in December

28Nov2003 - 'Chicago': All that first-rate jazz

27Jul2003 - Old Rice chums together again

15Aug2003 - Life after career in dance can be hard to tap into

29Oct2003 - Harrison plays Flynn-flam artist

25Nov2003 - 'Chicago' comes to life in Philly

20Nov2003 - Social satire, stylized, in a sinewy 'Chicago' at the Oakdale

16Nov2003 - In pursuit of the final cut, a TV actor embraces musical theater

13Nov2003 - 'Chicago' is star Harrison's kind of musical

30Oct2003 - A red-hot 'Mama' reigns over 'Chicago'

09Nov2003 - 'Gonzo' steps out as jazz age showman

07Nov2003 - A hot time in 'Chicago'

02Oct2003 - Chic Chicago

02Oct2003 - Deadly good fun (scroll down)

26Sep2003 - Some, but not all that jazz

??Oct2003 - 'Chicago' shimmies to State Theatre

23Oct2003 - 'Chicago' musical has a lot of moxie

23Oct2003 - With all that Fosse, dazzling 'Chicago' doesn't miss a step

19Oct2003 - 'Chicago' deep dish of pizzaz

Sep2003 - Chicago: Slick, Smooth, Sassy, Sheik, Sophisticated and Sensational!

13Aug2003 - Brenda Braxton sizzles in Broadway's "Chicago"

Aug2003 - photo of Brenda and Bianca with Jim Brickman

11Sep2003 - This Roxie really rocks 'Chicago'

25Sep2003 - Chicago is back, jazzy as ever

21Sep2003 - 'Chicago' returns to T.O. stage: Brenda Braxton in the spotlight as femme fatale Velma Kelly

13Sep2003 - 'Chicago', as expected, works

07Sep2003 - 'Chicago' has all that jazz

05Sep2003 - Even on stage, sexy ‘Chicago' dazzles

05Sep2003 - The leads jazz up 'Chicago' but story's stale

05Sep2003 - Gregory Harrison having fun with his 'Chicago' role

03Sep2003 - 'Chicago' returns with all that jazz

Brenda Braxton and cast photo

Bianca Marroquin photo

29Aug2003 - 'Trapper John' vet takes stab at Broadway tour of 'Chicago'

29Aug2003 - 'Chicago' has interesting take on celebrity

28Aug2003 - 'Chicago' stays in step with times like these
*** note: requires credit card for registration to read the review ***

28Aug2003 - Sizzling heat evades this 'Chicago'"

28Aug2003 - Home-court advantage

21Aug2003 - 'Chicago': Mexican actress Bianca Marroquin leads a razzy, jazzy, dazzling delight

15Aug2003 - Chicago Returns to San Francisco

July2003 - Chicago Razzle Dazzles Audience

09Aug2003 - 'Chicago' a little slow with the razzle dazzle

13Aug2003 - And All That Jazz

08Aug2003 - 'Chicago Live' razzle dazzles

08Aug2003 - 'Chicago' still full of mischief, mayhem and all that jazz

08Aug2003 - Timely 'Chicago' sizzles, surprises; Choreographer gives show a lift

05Aug2003 - Kevin Richardson interview

30Jul2003 - Touring 'Chicago' has all the ingredients of masterpiece

25Jul2003 - Touring version of 'Chicago' gives audiences the ol' razzle dazzle

23Jul2003 - 'Chicago' chock full of pizzaz

23Jul2003 - 'Chicago' actresses have killer roles, and love it

17Jul2003 - photo of Gregory Harrison and the Merry Murderesses

20Jul2003 - Straight from Mexico, it's 'Chicago's' Roxie Hart

10Jul2003 - 'Chicago' blasts sex and exuberance

10Jul2003 - A bravura 'Chicago', a killer show

06Jul2003 - Stage, screen takes on 'Chicago' vie for public's attention

04Jul2003 - Diva Talk

03Jul2003 - 'Chicago' a dazzling display for adults

24Jun2003 - 'Chicago Live' Razzle Dazzles at National Theatre

25Jun2003 - 'Chicago' from the top, the real numbers

27Jun2003 - 'Chicago' actors get into their characters' heads

27Jun2003 - So you think you know 'Chicago'

27Jun2003 - Tour de force

11Jun2003 - review

18Jun2003 - partial quote from Variety review

June2003 - Washington City Paper mini-review

June2003 - review

June2003 - Seeing 'Chicago' live

16Jun2003 - review

16Jun2003 - 'Chicago': This Musical Has Legs

10Jun2003 - More "Jazz": Chicago Tour Begins June 10 in D.C.

09Jun2003 - They Had It Coming (2nd item)

5Jun2003 - 'Chicago' on the road

5Jun2003 - 'Chicago' cast member leaves skis behind for dancing shoes

14May2003 - Marroquin, Braxton, Harrison and Ryan Star in New Chicago Tour, Launching June 10 in DC