09Sep2007 :: The tour closes in San Diego, California.

06Sep2007 :: new Press links

31Aug2007 :: new Press links

28Aug2007 :: Principal cast in San Diego to close out the tour.

17Aug2007 :: The 3rd national tour of Chicago will close following the evening performance on Sept. 9, 2007. Confirmation of this is on the Warner Theater website here (scroll down to the info on Chicago). George Hamilton will be Billy Flynn and Brenda Braxton will be Velma Kelly for the San Diego tour stop. the link.

15Aug2007 :: Washington, DC and Cleveland added to Schedule page; Brian McKnight is Billy Flynn for Washington, DC tour stop

20Jul2007 :: new Press links

16Jul2007 :: new Press links

28Jun2007 :: new Press links

22Jun2007 :: 1/2-price ticket for Costa Mesa available here; free to register; they are legitimate

20Jun2007 :: new Press links

03Jun2007 :: multiple new Press links

26May2007 ::

06May2007 :: Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates added to Schedule

28Apr2007 :: new Press links

09Apr2007 :: new Press links

28Mar2007 :: Lisa Rinna will be Roxie for the Portland and Dallas tour stops.

26Mar2007 :: new Press link; change of dates for Milwaukee

17Mar2007 :: more Press links

13Mar2007 :: new Press links

11Mar2007 :: new Press link

07Mar2007 :: Tom Wopat is Billy Flynn through Athens, GA stop; new Press link

24Feb2007 :: new Press link

20Feb2007 :: new Press link

09Feb2007 :: Kahulu, HI stop cancelled

20Jan2007 :: new Press link; photo of Tom Wopat and Melba Moore in St. Paul

19Jan2007 :: Kahului, HI and Dallas, TX added to Schedule

18Jan2007 :: Tokyo, Japan added to Schedule; Japanese website; Kevin Richardson formerly of singing group The Backstreet Boys will be Billy Flynn

05Jan2007 :: new Press link

30Dec2006 :: new Press links

28Dec2006 :: new Press link; new Fan Talk

25Dec2006 :: new Press links

22Dec2006 :: new Press link; 1/2-price tickets for 12/26 and 12/27 in Philadelphia

02Dec2006 :: tour stop in Philadelphia is now just one week; leads will be Terra Macleod, Bianca Marroquin, Melba Moore, and Tom Wopat.

24Nov2006 :: new Press links

11Nov2006 :: new Press link

08Nov2006 :: update to Schedule page; Kevin Richardson former member of Backstreet Boys is Billy Flynn in Toronto

22Oct2006 :: new Press links

15Oct2006 :: new Press links

05Oct2006 :: new Press link

01Oct2006 :: new Press links

27Sep2006 :: new Press links

23Sep2006 :: Toronto, ON added to Schedule page

16Sep2006 :: new Press links

11Sep2006 :: the tour returned from hiatus in Stockton, CA; Stockton review on Press page; more cities added to Schedule page

04Sep2006 :: Grand Forks, ND and Clearwater, FL added to Schedule page; Pechanga performance dates changed

01Aug2006 :: Huey Lewis joins the tour for San Francisco and possibly more cities; San Antonio, TX; San Francisco, CA; Tempe, AZ; Thousand Oaks, CA added to Schedule page

21Jul2006 :: new Press link

20Jul2006 :: new Press links

17Jul2006 :: the tour is going on hiatus after Winnipeg; no news yet about cast and additional tour cities after the hiatus

15Jul2006 :: Long Beach, CA; Toledo, OH; Davenport, IA added to Schedule page

14Jul2006 :: new Press links

13Jul2006 :: Gregory Harrison has rejoined the tour as Billy Flynn beginning this week.

04Jul2006 :: new Press links; update Schedule page

25Jun2006 :: new Press links

12Jun2006 :: new Press link

11Jun2006 :: ticket offers for Charlotte; new Press link

09Jun2006 :: new Press link

01Jun2006 :: new Press links

13May2006 :: new Press links

10May2006 :: new Press links from Dubai with photos

06May2006 :: new Press link from Dubai; new tour stop Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada on Schedule page

25Apr2006 :: new Press links including those from past tour stops

21Apr2006 :: new Press links including radio interview with Michelle DeJean from earlier in the year

20Apr2006 :: new Press links and new Fan Photos

11Apr2006 :: John O'Hurley joins the tour as Billy Flynn for the Charlotte, Atlanta, and Tampa stops.

08Apr2006 :: Vienna, VA added to Schedule page; new link on Press page

06Apr2006 :: new Press page link

30Mar2006 :: new tour stops in Tampa, FL and Temecula, CA; new links on Press page

23Mar2006 :: discounts for Newark tour stop: here, here, sometimes here

17Mar2006 :: new link on Press page

09Mar2006 :: new link on Press page

05Mar2006 :: new link on Press page

03Mar2006 :: Greg Evigan joins the tour starting today in Detroit

26Feb2006 :: Greg Evigan will be the new Billy Flynn starting in Sacramento; Detroit article links on Press page.

19Feb2006 :: fixed link for $10 discount

16Feb2006 :: new link on Press page

15Feb2006 :: Save $10 on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Sunday evenings for the first two weeks only

12Feb2006 :: new links on Press page

11Feb2006 :: Cast page is accurate as of Wilimington, DE

08Feb2006 :: Wilmington review link on Press page

03Feb2006 :: Robin Givens as Roxie Hart for Detroit tour stop

02Feb2006 :: new links on Press page

23Jan2006 :: Memphis review on Press page

15Jan2006 :: Tom Wopat rejoins the tour for a week

14Jan2006 :: new link on Press page

10Jan2006 :: interview article indicates Greensboro, NC will be Gregory Harrison's last tour stop for now

08Jan2006 :: new addition to Fan Talk page

07Jan2006 :: new links on Press page; updates on Schedule page; updated cast list accurate as of N. Charleston, SC [big thanks to Cat]

02Jan2006 :: new link on Press page; also Carol Woods will not be performing on Saturday Jan 7; ticket holders in Hunstville, AL with dance experience can attend an one-hour master-class dance class on Jan 7

30Dec2005 :: new link on Press page

25Dec2005 :: new link on Press page; it also appears that Gregory Harrison will be with the tour through Greensboro, NC

10Dec2005 :: new links on Press page

04Dec2005 :: new link on Press page

24Nov2005 :: new links on Press page; Paige Davis previews 'Chicago' video

18Nov2005 :: new links on Press page

17Nov2005 :: new link on Press page; confirmation that Paige Davis will be Roxie during the Chicago stop

16Nov2005 :: Gregory Harrison will be Billy Flynn in Schenectady, NY

15Nov2005 :: rumor is that Paige Davis will also be Roxie Hart during the Chicago stop and that Gregory Harrison will be Billy Flynn for the Schenectady and Richmond stops; no confirmation from official sources

13Nov2005 :: "Trading Places" star Paige Davis will perform Roxie in Omaha.

04Nov2005 :: Terra MacLeod is Velma Kelly when Brenda Braxton goes to Broadway.

03Nov2005 :: new links on Press page

31Oct2005 :: new links on Press page

15Oct2005 :: new link on Press page

08Oct2005 :: more links on Press page

08Oct2005 :: transcript of Tom Wopat chat from 9/21.

07Oct2005 :: new links on Press page

27Sep2005 :: new links on Press page

23Sep2005 :: new link on Press page

17Sep2005 :: new link on Press page

16Sep2005 :: Tom Wopat online chat rescheduled for Sept 21

13Sep2005 :: 'Chicago' cancelled in Pittsburgh; updates to Schedule page

12Sep2005 :: new link on Press page

10Sep2005 :: Tom Wopat re-joins the tour in Pittsburgh and will remain with the tour through Chicago stop. Carol Woods also re-joins the tour in Pittsburgh. Online chat with Tom Wopat on Sept 14 @ 2pm.

31Aug2005 :: Lexington (KY), Springfield (IL), Madison (WI), Regina (SK), Omaha (NE) added to Schedule page

15Aug2005 :: 102 small photos from Tokyo

05Aug2005 :: link on Press page

29Jul2005 :: updates on Japan cast

14Jul2005 :: Cleveland added to Schedule page

14Jul2005 :: Many thanks to Katze1978 for updated cast list for Taipei

13Jul2005 :: Tracy Shayne's name has been corrected in the Taipei Times review

11Jul2005 :: link on Press page to Taipei Times review; unfortunately, Tracy Shayne was incorrectly identified as Tracy Shaun.

05Jul2005 :: link on Press page; another Chicago tour in Taipei info

01Jul2005 :: Brenda Braxton headlines the CHICAGO tour in Japan. The tour is part of the Greater Tokyo Festival. If you are interested in seeing the tour in Japan, here's a great website about the theater, hotels, and transportation.

28Jun2005 :: Tracey Shayne and Terra C. MacLeod headline the CHICAGO tour in Taiwan in July

23Jun2005 :: Bloomington, IN new stop on Schedule page

26May2005 :: new links on Press page

20May2005 :: Carol Woods stars as Alice Kramden's mother in the new Honeymooners movie; view trailers

19May2005 :: more stops on Schedule page; new links on Press page

11May2005 :: new links on Press page

05May2005 :: new links on Press page

28Apr2005 :: meet cast after the show on May 4 in Nashville

26Apr2005 :: new links on Press page

14Apr2005 :: Rochester review link on Press page; looks like Gregory Harrison is still not back as Billy Flynn

11Apr2005 :: new Fan Talk; two 2006 tour stops added to Schedule page; Rochester review

05Apr2005 :: Schedule page updated to show Columbus, GA replacing Tallahassee

03Apr2005 :: Paige Davis is Roxie Hart and Kevin Neil McCready is Billy Flynn for Rochester stop

31Mar2005 :: updated Press page

11Mar2005 :: new link on Press page; new Fan Photo

08Mar2005 :: updated Cast page per the official website; new faces include Melissa Fagan, Tonya Wathen, Wilson Mendieta.

06Mar2005 :: updated Press page; 20s clip (Windows Media Player) &
20s clip (RealPlayer) of Brenda Braxton and Bianca Marroquin

24Feb2005 :: updated Cast and Press pages

18Feb2005 :: Bianca Marroquin speaks at Trinity University on Feb 24.

13Feb2005 :: Cast change after Los Angeles - Terra C. MacLeod switches with Brenda Braxton

05Feb2005 :: added links to Press page

02Feb2005 :: Wayne Brady drops out. Link on Press page.

29Jan2005 :: catch Carol Woods as Mama Morton Broadway 31Jan-20Feb; new links on Press page

22Jan2005 :: according to KWBA TV station's website (scroll down), Wayne Brady will be Billy Flynn in Tucson for the Jan 27-30 performances

21Jan2005 :: Schedule page updated to show third week of performances in Los Angeles; more links added to Press page

20Jan2005 :: Patti LaBelle is Matron Mama Morton only for Los Angeles stop; she will not perform on Feb 4 and Feb 18

12Jan2005 :: Wayne Brady is Billy Flynn only for Los Angeles stop

11Jan2005 :: added links to Press page

09Jan2005 :: added links to Press page; cast members at 100 Black Men of Silicon Valley, Inc. dinner event

19Dec2004 :: added links to Press page

09Dec2004 :: added links to Press page

29Nov2004 :: added Los Angeles to Schedule page

26Nov2004 :: Bianca at WKRC 12 in Cincinnati; press photos; more links on Press page

25Nov2004 :: more links on Press page

18Nov2004 :: two more St. Louis reviews on Press page

11Nov2004 :: video clip promoting the tour; several new stops for tour in 2005

06Nov2004 :: two links on Press page

02Nov2004 :: added San Jose to Tour page; links on Press page

27Oct2004 :: Per Tom Wopat's official website, he will be Billy Flynn during the Appleton, WI and E. Lansing, MI tour stops. It appears that Carol Woods has left the tour, and Roz Ryan is now Matron Mama Morton.

08Oct2004 :: two links on Press page

29Sep2004 :: two links on Press page

25Sep2004 :: chat online with Gregory Harrison on Sept 28; new link on Press page

23Sep2004 :: tour stop is in Greenville, SC and not Greenville, NC; new link on Press page

19Sep2004 :: meet cast members from the tour at Cincinnati's 20/20 Festival on Sept 23; new link on Press page

17Sep2004 :: new links on Press page

13Sep2004 :: five new fan photos; new addition to Talk page

12Sep2004 :: added link to Press page

09Sep2004 :: added links to Press page; updated Cast page

02Sep2004 :: added link to Press page

29Aug2004 :: added link to Press page

19Aug2004 :: added link to Press page

13Aug2004 :: added links to Press page

07Aug2004 :: added links to Press page

05Aug2004 :: added Akron, OH to Schedule page

02Aug2004 :: added link to Press page

31Jul2004 :: added link to Press page

30Jul2004 :: added link to Press page

24Jul2004 :: video clip promoting the tour; different dates for Tulsa; added Greenville (NC) to Schedule page

21Jun2004 :: added Appleton (WI), Denver (CO), Des Moines (IA), Tulsa (OK), and St. Paul (MN) to Schedule page; added link to Press page

20Jun2004 :: added Kansas City (MO) and Kitchener (ON) to Schedule page

06Jun2004 :: added Rochester (NY) and Tallahassee (FL) to Schedule page

03May2004 :: added link to Press page; added Providence to Schedule page

01May2004 :: added links to Knoxville review and articles; article about Ray Bokhour

28Apr2004 :: added fall 2004 and 2005 tour stops to Schedule page; added link to Tom Wopat article

24Apr2004 :: added Tom Wopat article and Miami reviews and two other Detroit review

18Apr2004 :: Tom Wopat stops by JJ and Lynne morning show on WCSX 94.7 FM in Detroit on Monday April 19

17Apr2004 :: added link to Detroit review

16Apr2004 :: added Knoxville (TN) to Schedule page which will be the last tour stop for Tom Wopat before he leaves to join the Broadway production and which will be the last tour stop before the tour goes on hiatus until August

10Apr2004 :: added Ft. Meyers and Detroit articles

01Apr2004 :: added two Miami reviews and New Orleans article

20Mar2004 :: Congratulations to Ray Bokhour, Brenda Braxton, and Bianca Marroquin on their Helen Hayes Award nominations!

updated Schedule page to include tour stops in New Orleans, Sarasota (FL), and East Lansing (MI); added four reviews and two articles from previous tour stops

12Mar2004 :: linked to Portland review and article

07Mar2004 :: linked to Tom Wopat articles; per Variety.com, the tour's gross in Dallas was $1,060,284 which surpassed that of the Broadway production

28Feb2004 :: linked to 3 reviews from prior tour stops and to Reva Rice radio interview from 2001 on Press page; added Atlanta to Schedule page

26Feb2004 :: linked to 2 more Dallas reviews

25Feb2004 :: updated Cast page; linked to Dallas review

24Feb2004 :: more photos from LA opening night party

22Feb2004 :: added links to Dallas articles; photos of Reva Rice, Bianca Marroquin, and Patrick Swayze at LA opening night party

19Feb2004 :: added link to Phoenix review

14Feb2004 :: added link to Phoenix article

12Feb2004 :: added link Palm Desert review

08Feb2004 :: added link to Salt Lake City review

07Feb2004 :: added links to two more articles

01Feb2004 :: added two links for Salt Lake City on Press page; one article has interview with Mark C. Reis

31Jan2004 :: updated Schedule page to include two additional performances on Feb 2 and 3 in Seattle; added link to Seattle article

30Jan2004 :: added links to Seattle reviews on Press page

24Jan2004 :: Link to Seattle article on Press page

22Jan2004 :: Link to Patrick Swayze interview

14Jan2004 :: Tom Wopat joins tour starting in Seattle

13Jan2004 :: added two more links to Press page

10Jan2004 :: added LA Times review link to Press page

08Jan2004 :: added links to three articles on Press page

03Jan2004 :: added San Diego review link to Press page

29Dec2003 :: link to another Patrick Swayze interview on Press page

28Dec2003 :: added link to Press page; update Cast page

19Dec2003 :: Ticketmaster is now selling tickets for the 3rd week in LA; added Ft Myers, FL to schedule

14Dec2003 :: added Palm Desert and Miami Beach to schedule

10Dec2003 :: added links to articles about Patrick Swayze; added Salt Lake City to schedule

06Dec2003 :: added link to Philadephia review; three more fan photos

04Dec2003 :: Caitlin Carter Q & A

01Dec2003 :: three more links on Press page; minor update to Cast page; cosmetic update to Schedule page

28Nov2003 :: added submission to Fan Talk page

26Nov2003 :: added Philadelphia article

22Nov2003 :: Gregory Harrison in the Thanksgiving Day Parade broadcast on channel 6 in Philadelphia starting at 8:30am.

20Nov2003 :: updated Schedule and Cast and added review

16Nov2003 :: added links to Press page

11Nov2003 :: added Fan Talk page; article about Carol Woods


08Nov2003 :: new Fan Photos page

07Nov2003 :: added Boston review

05Nov2003 :: added Phoenix, AZ to tour schedule; added links to reviews

23Oct2003 :: updated cast list; added links to article and reviews

07Oct2003 :: updated cast list





30Aug2003 :: added links to two more reviews

28Aug2003 :: added review and interviews from Orange County, CA

18Aug2003 :: added links to three more reviews

13Aug2003 :: added link to another review from San Francisco

08Aug2003 :: added link to three reviews

06Aug2003 :: added link to San Francisco Chronicle interview

30Jul2003 :: added link to Houston Chronicle review

25Jul2003 :: added link to Pittsburgh Tribune-Review review

24Jul2003 :: added link to Houston Chronicle article and Pittsburgh Post-Gazette review

20Jul2003 :: added link to Pittsburgh Post::Gazette article

11Jul2003 :: updated cast page; SF run is now 3 weeks

10Jul2003 :: added links to Minneapolis Star Tribune and St. Paul Pioneer Press reviews

07Jul2003 :: added link to Minneapolis Star Tribune article

06Jul2003 :: added link to Playbill.com's Diva Talk column

04Jul2003 :: added link to Charlotte Observer review

01Jul2003 :: added link to review in The Hoya

28Jun2003 :: added links to articles from Charlotte Observer

27Jun2003 :: added link to MusicalStages.co.uk review; added link to Brenda Braxton article in Charlotte Post.

26Jun2003 :: added Costa Mesa, CA to tour schedule; added partial quote from Variety.

23Jun2003 :: fixed link to the Washington City Paper mini::review; link to Gregory Harrison's official website.

20Jun2003 :: added Washington City Paper mini::review.

18Jun2003 :: added link to Washington Blade article; link to PotomacStages.com review.

16Jun2003 :: added link to TalkinBroadway.com review.

13Jun2003 :: added Houston to tour schedule; added link to Washington Post review

12Jun2003 :: cast list Washington, DC stop.

10Jun2003 :: added Washington Post article.

05Jun2003 :: added Los Angeles and Cleveland to tour schedule; added 2 press articles from Syracuse; specified dates for Toronto stop

30May2003 :: added Baltimore to tour schedule; tickets for Pittsburgh are now on sale

18May2003 :: San Fransicso tickets on sale starting today

16May2003 :: added Raleigh to tour schedule; group sales have begun but not regular ticket sales.

15May2003 :: added San Francisco to tour schedule.

14May2003 :: official cast list announced.

13May2003 :: added Roz Ryan to cast list and added Philadelphia to tour schedule.

10May2003 :: initial launch.

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